We’re creating the next generation of technologies to decarbonise battery production and make it accessible to all levels of industry.


Over 80 times the energy to make a battery compared to energy storedBattery manufacturers are building gigafactories to cover just 4% of the market, what will happen when they need to produce for 20%?It’s necessary to produce more to produce more in the same space

what we did?

We reinvented how the battery electrode is made. Our technology reduces energy consumption of electrode production by 50% and requires 10 times less factory space. It also eliminates toxic fumes in a scalable process that reduces the capital investment necessary by 65%.


We will make energy storage sustainable and accessible.
We will democratise and decentralise energy storage.
We will accelerate the transition to renewable energy.
We will reduce the energy needed to produce battery electrodes by 50% and we eliminate the emission of toxic fumes from the electrode production process.

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We will make battery production sustainable making it profitable and sustainable for all levels of the industry.

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SEM (simplify electrode manufacturing)

Our technology looks at four key things:

  • Our entire process can be located cost-effectively inside a dry room which is critical for the development of next generation lithium metal batteries

  • Is capable of making much thicker electrodes without cracking after the drying process which is a key path towards ultra-high energy density batteries.

  • Reduces electricity consumption during the electrode production

  • Is compatible with all cylindrical, prismatic and pouch battery assembly processes.

Our business journey

In 2013 I founded a company to increase the capacity of one specífic technology used in telecommunications equipment for the security and defence sector.Everyone, including my family, asked how will you achieve that if big corporations with all their resources have been trying to do the same and haven’t succeeded till now?To achieve this goal, I raised money from customers and I started to travel around the world to find the answer. Six months later I found a battery startup in South Korea and after positive conversations I decided to invest my money and that of my customers in them on condition that they work on my project.In a year we produced a battery with 35% more capacity. Six months later it was 50%.With this achievement the question changed from how will you achieve that to how did you achieve it, when the biggest battery companies couldn’t?My answer was, if you don’t believe it, give me your address and I will send you a sample for free.My co-founder and I commercialized this technology in more than 20 countries with the most important law enforcement agencies and special forces without raising money from institutional investors.As the company was starting to gain traction, on the day that my daughter was born, I received a picture from my business partner in South Korea showing me the factory destroyed by a fire overnight.This dramatic setback didn’t stop us, we decided to open a lab in Rochester, NY to re-establish production with the help of Kodak.While working on this challenge I realised a much bigger problem. Battery production technology is very inefficient and capital intensive and it hasn’t changed in the last 20 years.As a result, we realised that our original project with Kodak wasn’t feasible so we decided to change our focus. Our new goal was to reinvent the way batteries are produced and after 3 years we invented technology that can produce battery electrodes at a 50% reduction in energy consumption/ requiring 10 times less factory space, while eliminating toxic fumes in a scalable process that reduces capital investment necessary by 65%.At the same time we succeeded in re-establishing the production of our battery in South Korea.We continue serving our customers and making progress to change how batteries are made.